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29 August 2011 @ 11:43 pm
Devil in Disguise 1/12  

Title: Devil in Disguise
Author: Aoishmex P
airings: tba
Genre: AU, romance, supernatural, fantasy Warnings: language, dark humor, mentions of suicide, death, violence, and sex
Synopsis: Death is all around us. Most people fear it, others embrace it. Some think it necessary for new life to begin. Some people even find death beautiful at times. They say the devil can take on any form he desires and walk among us. But does the devil have a body all his own?
Summary: I came to the beach to be alone. But there's something about this stranger I can't figure out; something mysterious. Something is drawing me to him.
Rating: NC-17       


A cool autumn wind blew through the busy streets, rustling the trees and disturbing the people as it passed. Little children squealed in enjoyment as fallen leaves danced around on the street. Their mothers would either tug them along or smile at their behavior. A frail-looking person sat on a shaded park bench, undisturbed by the crowd or wind as they buried themselves in the pages of a book. The sound of dogs running around was also drowned out with the passing conversations. Still, situations arose where the poor man was approached in the most awkward ways.     
      Men came with concealing smiles to see if the bookworm wanted to party, drink, or even have a fling at one of their houses. Each request was nervously but politely denied until the men left with defeated sighs. The requests continued throughout the day, some women joining in as well, until the man gave up on his reading and headed home where it was peaceful. This seemed to be the routine for him on many days. The walk back, however, was calming and quiet, allowing someone plenty of time for reveries.     
      Shinya closed the door to his apartment and leaned against it with a heavy sigh. The young man closed his eyes in an attempt to calm himself, running a hand through his light auburn hair. An amused chuckle caused him to look at the living room couch where his room mate was looking up from his magazine. "Welcome home," the black haired man smiled at him. "Rough day at the park, huh?"     
      "Same old, same old," the auburn sighed. "How was work?" Shinya asked as he undid his coat.     
      "Not bad," Toshiya shrugged. "You're an amazing cleaner, Shinya. But I wish you'd find something fun to do on your days off," the elder smiled with a teasing wink. Shinya sighed and joined the taller on the couch. "The next time we both have a day off we need to go out and have some fun. Go to dinner somewhere, go shopping...maybe hit a club for some drinks. What do you say?"  Toshiya suggested.     
     The auburn chuckled and nodded. "Maybe... I just don't want to deal with more men mistaking me for a woman-- or women mistaking me for a woman..."     
      "Ouch," the blackette giggled. "I'm telling you, it's because you dress the part. Maybe you should check your wardrobe with me before you go out in public," he laughed.     
      "Very funny," the younger muttered with a roll of his eyes. He stood with a small huff, wordlessly making his way to his room with Toshiya blinking after him. It was a good five minutes before he came back to the living room. Upon inspection Toshiya could see he had changed his shirt from a v-neck tee to a white button up shirt that made him seem even skinnier than he was. "I'm going to the beach for a walk. Be back for dinner," Shinya explained, grabbed his wallet and keys, and headed out.     
     Toshiya turned back to his magazine. "Now that he looks his proper gender I bet he'll be the only one even there..."   
     The walk to the beach was pleasantly quiet. It wasn't a particularly long distance but it was better spent taken with time than rushed. Shinya was grateful, though, for the evening crowd roaming the streets. With the weather cooling down as quickly as it was it pretty much guaranteed the beach to himself because nobody would want to be outside. The auburn haired man took in a deep breath of the salty air as he stepped onto the sand, looking at the glittering waves rolling against the shore. He made his way to the edge of the shoreline where he wouldn't get wet to begin his walk. He was alone. The beach was his only companion now.     
      Maybe Toshiya's right. I always have looked a bit too feminine... But can't they tell by how defined my hands are? Can't they see my chest is flat? I guess if you're drunk enough your brain can't process those things... Most of the men today were sober, though. Maybe I should change the way I dress... What about Toshiya? Who is he to talk about looking too feminine? He's the one with skirts hidden in his wardrobe. I don't think he's a crossdresser so why would he wear them? I wonder if he has a girlfriend. He's never told me he does... What if he has a boyfriend and is afraid to tell me because he doesn't know how I'll react? How would I react? It would't bug me, I don't think... And I'm sure Toshiya would be considerate enough to keep his love life in check around me so things weren't so awkward. What if I meet someone special; someone who makes my stomach flutter? And what if that someone turns out to be---    
      Shinya stopped short at the sight in front of him. A man was crouched by the shore only a few feet away, looking distantly at the water through large sunglasses. Brown hair reached down to his shoulders and a burning cigarette was held between two fingers in his right hand. The man wore a baggy grey sweatshirt, loose cargo pants and worn white sneakers, a few rings decorating his hands. Where did he come from? I didn't see anyone else here... I came to the beach to be alone. But there's something about this stranger I can't figure out; something mysterious. Something is drawing me to him.     
     The man before him removed the sunglasses from his face and turned to look up at the auburn. Shinya took a sharp intake of air through his nose as he stared into a pair of deep, brown eyes. He felt a large shiver run up his spine, and with it came a surge of adrenaline and life throughout his entire being he couldn't even explain it to himself. It seemed the two stared at each other for an eternity before speaking.     
     "You shouldn't smoke," he voiced. "You'll catch an early death."     
      The stranger gave an amused, almost ironic, laugh at his statement. "I'm not worried about cancer sending me to my grave," he replied, but Shinya noted how he tossed the cancer stick in the ocean anyway. "Sit with me."     
Again Shinya shivered. His voice was cool and deep, calm like the ocean as the tide went out. The auburn shuffled his feet for a moment before crouching down in much the same manner beside the other. The two men remained in silence, watching the setting sun reflect its golden self on the still water. "What are you thinking about?" Shinya ventured.     
      The brunette was silent for a moment. He took a deep breath, as if the cigarette was still between his lips, before answering. "A teenage boy drowned himself in this ocean early this morning. He would have made a great painter once discovered, but his family didn't support his decision. So the stress must have been too high and he let the waves take him."  
    Shinya stared at him in shock. "Did you know him?"    
    Then how do you know so much about this? "Oh..." More silence followed. The auburn haired man let his mind wander. The stranger beside him looked out blankly at the sea, no doubt in his own thoughts as he was. The Shinya spoke again. "I was always afraid of death when I was little. My parents would tell me scary stories about the devil, so I always thought he was scary and ugly."   
    The brunette laughed. A wide grin stretched on his handsome face. "So...say I was Death," he drawled, turning to look at the younger. "Am I ugly?" An intrigued smile twitched at his lips as he waited.    
     Shinya looked back directly into the brown eyes. "No. You're beautiful."    
     The man stared at him in silence,  clearly shocked at the blunt reply. But it was true. And the more Shinya looked at him the more he was convinced there were no flaws to the brunette. "Hmm..." the man hummed, giving a warm smile. "Thank you."    
      "What's your name?" the auburn asked after a silence.     
A pause. "Die."     
     "Dai?" Shinya repeated the name. "My name is Shinya," he returned.     
Die looked at him. This time, however,  the shiver that ran through the auburn was warm. "Shinya... You're beautiful, too." Shinya blushed heavily, causing Die to chuckle. "It's getting late. You should go home before it gets too dark."      
     Shinya looked at the sky and gasped. "I told Toshiya I'd be home for dinner... Sorry; excuse me," the younger apologized. He stood quickly and ran from the beach. He stopped, though, and turned to look back at the brunette. But Die was already gone.     
When Shinya returned he found Toshiya still on the couch, watching a current news report. "What's going on?" the auburn asked.    
      "A teen committed suicide early this morning..." Toshiya sighed.    
      "Drowning," the younger said in awe. Dai was right... "When did they find the body?"    
      "Five minutes ago. I don't think you'll be going to the beach for a while," the blackette said with a small smile. "They said his parents are feeling really guilty for it because they weren't supportive enough. And all his paintings--because that was his passion--- are going to his friends. He didn't want any of them to go to his parents... Are you okay?" Toshiya asked suddenly. He had been watching the other man's face. "You look kind of pale."     
     "Huh?" Shinya blinked, snapping out of his thoughts. "Oh. No, I'm okay. I'm going to go shower. Come get me when the food comes, would you?" he called over his shoulder, heading to the bathroom.     
     "Sure," Toshiya agreed, watching his retreating figure warily. He gave a heavy sigh and turned back to the television, staring at the blubbering faces of the boy's parents on the screen. "Depressing," he muttered with a click of the remote.  
       Shinya gave a heavy sigh as he struggled for sleep. The only way Dai could have known about everything was if he knew the boy personally. But the only other person who could know someone, without actually knowing them, would be the devil... "Impossible," the auburn voiced aloud. His mind led him immediately to what Die had asked him; "Say I was death...the devil..." Eventually Shinya found sleep, Die's deep voice resonating through his mind with a strong, unexplainable hope to see the brunette again.

A/N: Partially inspired by this pic:

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