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10 November 2011 @ 06:26 pm
Devil in Disguise-2/10  
Title: Devil in Disguise
Author: Aoishmex
Pairings: tba
Genre: AU, romance, supernatural, fantasy Warnings: language, dark humor, mentions of suicide, death, violence, and sex
Synopsis: Death is all around us. Most people fear it, others embrace it. Some think it necessary for new life to begin. Some people even find death beautiful at times. They say the devil can take on any form he desires and walk among us. But does the devil have a body all his own?
Summary: Die looked at him for a moment more before a smile twitched at his lips. "I've never seen anyone so captivated by a sunset."
Rating: NC-17       

     Die made his way through the large halls of his home. People scampered about, whether in a hurry or not, to get things finished. Everyone he made eye contact with would bow politely and wait until he had passed before going on their ways. The brunette looked forward to relaxing in his room without any distractions. Things had been annoyingly busy the last few days, so work was the last thing he wanted  to do. Die gave a grateful sigh as he pushed open the double doors to his bedroom. No sooner had he kicked off his shoes and collapsed face-first on his large bed than a voice greeted him.
     “Welcome back,” a deeper voice came.
     Die gave an audible groan of frustration into his blanket. “Go away.”
     “That’s rude,” the voice retorted. “What a way to treat your best friend.”
     The brunette sighed. “What do you want, Kyo?” A split second later Die felt an additional weight sinking his bed. The weight then leveled itself only inches beside him. Die lifted his head to look at his friend with a raised brow.
     “You were out pretty late with that suicide case last night,” Kyo said. The underlying tone was easy to catch. The brunette scowled. “Spill it,” the blonde demanded. If a new staff member had been watching the display they would have wondered which one of them was really in charge. “Now.”
     Die sighed. “What do you think happened?” he quirked.
     “I think you found a stranger who was completely smitten with your devilish good looks and had fun with him in a dark alley,” Kyo said bluntly. The brunette scoffed and rolled his eyes. “But I doubt it’s your Horny Time of Month yet.”
     “Do you always have to be so crude?” Die asked.
     The shorter man smiled. “I’m your best friend for a reason, Die. And, no; I’m actually a kind and polite individual. So what happened?” he said in a softer tone.
     “I was just thinking…” Die sighed after a while. “I don’t see how his parents could be so uncaring about what he wanted in life.”
     Kyo shrugged. “They probably thought they were doing the best thing for him—giving him the highest possibilities, I mean,” he voiced.
     “Yeah, maybe…” The brunette stretched out his arms before folding them under his head. “I’m so tired,” he muttered, eyes closing slightly.
     The blonde chuckled. “Yeah, today was pretty busy, wasn’t it?”
     Die nodded. He suddenly remembered something and quirked a brow at the younger. “Where were you all day?”
     “Suicidal group of teens, woman killed by a train, and a gangbang victim,” Kyo said, counting each case on his fingers.
     The brunette furrowed a brow in thought. “I didn’t… see anyone that would fit that…” he said slowly. “Did they survive?” Kyo nodded. “What about the teens?”
     “A few of them did. I didn’t get to the others in time. And two of them…wouldn’t listen,” he sighed heavily. Die could tell he was downtrodden by the fact and gave a small smile. “Maybe I could have done more for them,” Kyo voiced.
     Die shook his head. “You did what you could. Don’t beat yourself up over it,” he assured his friend. The younger gave a thankful smile. He gave a large yawn and shifted his position on the large bed. Die chuckled. “Hey, I’m tired, too. I’ll have someone draw you a bath and you can sleep in your own bed…and I’ll sleep in mine.”
     “I don’t want to work tomorrow…” Kyo mumbled.
     “You can sleep in. I’ll call for Yukina,” the brunette chuckled. Kyo gave a hum of satisfaction and stood from the younger’s bed. A knock came from the door and a woman came in with a bow. “Kyo would like a bath. And he has permission to sleep in tomorrow. Please take care of him,” Die said politely. The woman smiled and bowed. Then she and Kyo were gone.
     Shinya pulled a soft, long-sleeved shirt over his form, smoothing down the fabric before putting his coat on over it. He fixed his hair and grabbed his things. It had been a week after the suicide. The beach was open to the public again so Shinya was looking forward to the alone time he could spend there. The auburn put his keys and wallet in his jeans pockets while looking around the living room for a piece of paper. Toshiya was already at work but the younger had no idea what time he would be home so he wanted to leave a note. In a way Shinya was grateful Toshiya wasn’t home to ask where he was going—or why. Going to the beach gave him an excuse to—hopefully—see Dai again. After a note had been written the auburn left the apartment.
     It wasn’t much of a surprise that the beach was mostly unoccupied when Shinya arrived. People were still wary of the place because of the suicide. The auburn made his way slowly to the water while looking around the beach. No sign of Dai. Shinya gave a heavy sigh of disappointment. I guess the odds of seeing him again were close to non-existent in the first place, he admitted to himself. Tokyo is such a big place. The auburn gave a deep sigh as he crouched down by the water. The tide was going out slowly like the people evacuating the beach. So, before long, Shinya was alone.
     The last week had gone slowly; it had seemed like a month. Toshiya had been at work late most nights so Shinya was left to himself. The news had focused on the suicide for a few days before switching to a group of suicidal teens and a woman killed on one of the train tracks. Those tracks had been closed down for investigation, causing troubles for many people and the train workers. Some of the teens had survived and received help, but there was no help for the ones who had given up. The auburn man wondered if Dai would know any specifics the news didn’t like he did about the suicide. A sudden shiver ran up Shinya’s spine and a deep voice came behind him.
     “Who are you waiting for?”
     Shinya stood quickly and spun around, eyes widening at the brunette he now stood before. He wore a dark, denim jacket instead of a large sweatshirt, jeans with a chain dangling off a belt loop, and thick boots. The auburn’s heart leapt in excitement. “You’re here…”
     Die cocked his head to the side. “You were waiting for me?”
     “W-Well, I was hoping to see you again…a-and I thought I might be able to find you here since this is where we met…” the younger stuttered in embarrassment. He looked down and shuffled his feet. “B-But I was starting to think you wouldn’t be here…”
     The brunette gave a smile and a small chuckle. “I see.”
     Shinya bit at his bottom lip. “How have you been?” he asked.
     “All right. You?” the elder replied.
     “All right…”
     The two men stood in silence, the auburn looking at his feet and the brunette at him. Die looked around him momentarily. “Did you have plans for the evening?” he asked. Shinya looked up blinking. “Is Toshiya waiting for you to come home?”
     “Oh! No, he’s working late tonight so I have the rest of the night free,” the slender man replied.
     “Would you care to join me for dinner?”
     Shinya gave a shy smile and nodded. “Sure.” Die smiled, sending a warm tingle up the other’s spine, turning to lead the way off the beach. The auburn joined his side and followed. “I’m wary of big crowds,” he admitted.
     The brunette gave another smile. “I know just the place.”
     Shinya stared at the display before him in awe. A table for two was set up on the roof of a restaurant he hadn’t even heard of. The view was a sea of neon lights and skyscrapers under a blue and purple sunset. There were other tabled on the roof as well but they were unoccupied. The auburn couldn’t help but think it was the perfect setting for a romantic dinner date. “Wow…”
     “Do you like it?” Die asked behind him.
     The younger nodded and smiled. “I’ve never been to a place like this,” he admitted. “It must be very expensive…”
     The brunette chuckled and pulled out Shinya’s chair. “Don’t worry about it. I invited you so I’ll cover the expense,” he smiled. Shinya blushed slightly, the warm smile making it hard for him to resist, slowly taking his seat at the table. Die sat across from him and opened the menu before him. “Get what you want. Money isn’t an issue,” he assured the auburn. The younger nodded, grateful the other couldn’t see how uncomfortable the idea actually made him. He wasn’t used to such extravagance from someone he barely knew. It wasn’t long before a server came to take their order and the two were alone in silence.
     Shinya looked out at the sunset with a calm sigh. He rarely had such a view from his apartment. The sky was a darkening blue, clouds painted with varying hues of pink and purple. Wherever the sun was, there the blue remained brightest. No other place had such a sunset; they were stuck with consistent reds, oranges, and yellows. The auburn was so enthralled by the scene he didn’t notice the brunette’s contemplating gaze. It wasn’t until the sun disappeared that Shinya looked back at the other. He saw the elder’s expression and cocked his head to the side. “What is it?”
     Die looked at him for a moment more before a smile twitched at his lips. “I’ve never seen anyone so captivated by a sunset.”
     “They may be common things but I’d rather not take them for granted,” Shinya said with unexpected bluntness. He immediately looked down in embarrassment. “I’m sorry. I didn’t mean to sound so rude,” he apologized. The brunette chuckled. Another shiver ran through him.
     “I would much rather have you be able to be yourself around me. Be as blunt as you want; say what comes to your mind. I like the sound of your voice: It’s honest and natural,” Die told him, his tone softening at the last sentence. The auburn stared at him in shock. Not a single word came to his mind in reply. Die merely smiled, his gaze fixed on the younger, until the server came back with their order. Their dinner continued with silence and comfortable small talk. When they were finished the brunette walked the other back to the beach where they had met, watching the way Shinya marveled at the lights reflecting off the waves. “Go home; get some rest,” Die smiled gently when the moon glowed high above them.
     “Thank you for dinner,” Shinya smiled and gave a bow. He turned and made his way back up the beach to the paved street. Then he paused, suddenly, turning quickly to see the brunette. “Dai?” the auburn called. The elder turned to him with a questioning brow. “Will I see you soon?”
     Die pondered the question to himself. Then he gave a broad smile and nodded. “Sure.” Shinya returned the smile with a broad one of his own. The auburn gave a quick wave before continuing home, his heart dancing in his chest at the elder’s promise.
     Kyo huffed in exhaustion, leaning against the tree he was perched in. “Man, old women are such a hassle! She must have cried for hours before she was finally ready to go,” he grumbled. The blonde ran a hand through his hair before sitting on his branch.
     “What are you doing up in the tree?” a voice called. Kyo jumped, head whirling to look down wide-eyed. A short man with light brown hair looked up at him curiously. Kyo felt his heart skip a beat. “Are you looking for something?” the brunette asked.
     “No, I’m just relaxing,” the blonde replied.
     “Oh. Okay, then. Have a good night,” the man smiled broadly and waved. Kyo watched his retreating form, dumbfounded at what had just happened. He stayed in the tree for quite some time until he felt Die wondering why he wasn’t back yet.

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